“Came in from work Tuesday, June 6 2022. Upon entering the house noticed it was extremely warm. The inside unit was running, but the thermostat was on 74 but the temperature was 82. Knew I had a problem. Outside unit was not working. Picked up the phone called southeastern cooling . They said no problem would have a tech coming shortly. The tech who was sent out was named mark. He arrived jumped right on the situation . Found several things wrong pretty quick from things shorted out to bad wires on the unit. Eventually after all the first problems and more checking found the compressor was shot. Could go no further and explained to me that the unit needed to be replaced. This unit was 22 years old! And he said it was not worth the money to repair if. He is the best tech that I have ever dealt with and he is highly knowledgeable on what he is doing. Friendly and very courteous. Your company should be honored to have a tech like Mark. He tried every thing to get it going. Just wore out! Having a new system installed tomorrow From southeastern cooling . My hats off to mark. I have problems down the road, hope he still employed with y’all! And he is sent back to repair my system. Please pass this along to mark! Great company! Wouldn’t use nobody else. Great service! Great folks to deal with! Hats off to all your employees.”

– Ricky W.