“James Beynon did a great job servicing our AC unit and replacing a part that was starting to show signs of failing. Thanks for the preventative maintenance and peace of mind.”
- Chris T.

“Mr. Jane's Beynon didn't a great job with my AC. I received a text and immediately received a call from him letting me know he was en route and how far away he was. He took his time and explained what he was going to check and so on. Mr. James was easy to talk to and very respectful. I'd recommend him personally to anyone.”

- Catina T.

“Once again a great service technician, Mr. Chris Law, came out to my home today. My heating and cooling system suffered from a unique problem earlier this summer. There was one special device that was required to be replaced in order to bring my unit back to full 100% efficiency and Chris was the technician that came out to replace it today. As is normal for Chris, he was very professional, extremely courteous, and was able to replace the part on my HVAC Unit. I have had the pleasure of having Chris at my home on three occasions now. First to work to install the two systems I purchased. Second, to perform some routine maintenance and the third was today. He exemplifies all of the qualities of a true professional that you would want on your team if you were a leader within your organization. He not only represents himself well, but also the entire organization at Southeastern Cooling. If you have never had the pleasure of interacting with and using the services of the professionals at Southeastern Cooling you are truly missing out.”

- Richard E.

“James Beynon was very prompt to respond to my request. He was professional and knowledgeable in troubleshooting. He had the AC cooling in no time. A shout-out to James!!”

- Lisa M.

James Beynon returned after 6:00 P.M. and found that our drain line was partially plugged. The system would work correctly until the drain backed up and shut the cooling off. The line would drain down and when checked the line would appear empty. James found the problem, cleared the line and we have our cooling working correctly again.
Thank you, James for the extra concern you show for your costomers.”

- Henry C.

“Response was very quick, as was the remedy! Chris ( Bear ) was very knowledgeable and very professional. We were so impressed that we signed on to become Gold members. South Eastern Cooling for the win! Absolutely fantastic experience! Thank you Chris!”

- Angie M.

“Southeastern Cooling you have the best customer service and more.
My Tech, "James was so polite and Professional. Diagnosed the problem. Discussed Part needed (ordered) and went over repair cost step by step in detail (great)… Several days later for Part installation. Chris came with James these guys were the best. I honestly must say that "James and Chris is the best Techs I have ever dealt with. So Knowledgeable, polite, and professional. Any problem down the road, hope "James is sent back to me for repairs.
Ms. Lucy”

- Lucy Y.

“My heat pump went out on a Friday at 5:00 pm, and on a day that the heat index was 107. In a panic, I called the number and was told to hold for the after-hours person. I spoke with Jason and he told me he would get up with his technician and call me back. He let me know Deon would be on the way shortly. Deon got there and had my unit repaired within 20 minutes. I was thrilled to have air once again. I recommend Southeastern Cooling 100 percent! Jason and Deon both did an amazing job and are so nice.”

- Michelle W.


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