“Came in from work Tuesday, June 6 2022. Upon entering the house noticed it was extremely warm. The inside unit was running, but the thermostat was on 74 but the temperature was 82. Knew I had a problem. Outside unit was not working. Picked up the phone called southeastern cooling . They said no problem would have a tech coming shortly. The tech who was sent out was named mark. He arrived jumped right on the situation . Found several things wrong pretty quick from things shorted out to bad wires on the unit. Eventually after all the first problems and more checking found the compressor was shot. Could go no further and explained to me that the unit needed to be replaced. This unit was 22 years old! And he said it was not worth the money to repair if. He is the best tech that I have ever dealt with and he is highly knowledgeable on what he is doing. Friendly and very courteous. Your company should be honored to have a tech like Mark. He tried every thing to get it going. Just wore out! Having a new system installed tomorrow From southeastern cooling . My hats off to mark. I have problems down the road, hope he still employed with y’all! And he is sent back to repair my system. Please pass this along to mark! Great company! Wouldn’t use nobody else. Great service! Great folks to deal with! Hats off to all your employees.”

- Ricky W.

“Evan, Dillion and Keevian did an awesome job on installing our new air conditioner and heat pump today. They arrived on time and were very professional. Evan explained everything that would be involved in the job and was very quick to answer any questions or concerns we had. He kept me informed the whole time of all the steps they were taking to insure we had a quality installation.
Quick, Professional and Courteous !! what more can you ask for. Thanks again guys!”

- Sharon R.

“Jacob, Devin and Justin showed up to replace my very worn out and damaged duct work They were very prompt,
professional and knowledgeable They also had parts needed and that was a plus. There is a lot of team work at
Southeastern and everyone is in the loop After they had replaced everything and I turned the system on I could feel
air Coming into the house and there wasn't any dust. Most of my heat and air was going under the house After a
couple of days of use I checked my electricity use and it was down by 50% I know it is still fairly cool and the summer
will bring higher bills but not as much as it was I actually have heat and air and am so happy So many thanks to Jacob, Devin and Justin
for making life better NOTE: I got the metal duct work instead of the plastic accordian type just so everyone knows they do install
the metal and it is insulated”

- Evelyn L.

“Fast and great service, had a new heat pump installed. When the guys got to our house, everyone knew what his job was and got it done. Jason your guys were great.”

- Steve J.

“As always, very impressed with the timeliness, professionalism & overall attention from the staff. Placed a call for my in-laws who were having thermostat issues and Chris was out there within a couple of hours. He had the problem assessed and corrected within a very short amount of time. He then took time to explain things, asked if there were any questions and then cleaned up. Jason Harris and team are amazing!”

- Josh S.

“Fantastic! I could not be more pleased with their professionalism, courtesy, competence, and desire to please. A few days ago on July 1, 2020, I went into their Dothan office and talked with Jason (vice president) about replacing the heat pump system in my home. I was highly impressed by his informative explanations; before leaving the office I had purchased a 3.5 Ton, American Standard (TRANE) heat pump system. First thing monday after the July 4th weekend, the installation mechanics were here removing, and installing the new system. Immediately when first hearing the new system run I realized that the air handler fan was blowing way too hard and creating way too much noise. I immediately called called Jason and expressed my concerns. Jason said we will be right out after the holiday weekend. WOW! 8:00 on Monday; there was (3) trucks in my driveway, and 5 or 6 Mechanics checking things out. It is amazing how they methodically analyzed and tuned this system for quietness, and efficiency. I am so glad I went with Southeastern Cooling, Inc. in Dothan, Alabama”



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