Carrier HVAC Systems.

At Southeastern Cooling, we only carry high-quality products from the top heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) manufacturers in the industry. We know working with the best equipment and materials results in a wise investment and long-term comfort for you in your home.

One of our preferred manufacturers is Carrier®, as they are proven and innovative. You will always be happy with a system from Carrier.

Carrier’s History

Built on Willis Carrier’s invention of modern air conditioning in 1902, Carrier is a world leader in heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration solutions. We constantly build upon our history of proven innovation with new products and services that improve global comfort and efficiency.

It all began with Willis Carrier’s 1881 patented circular slide rule. Carrier used this instrument to calculate dew point control, a breakthrough that was the foundation of his invention of modern air conditioning.

In July 1902, Carrier started the engine that would drive the world’s first modern air conditioning system, installed in the summer of 1902 at the Sackett & Wilhelms printing plant in Brooklyn, New York. It was noted that thanks to Carrier, according to Steelways magazine, “air conditioning spread through the industry like a cool breeze.”

The invention of modern air conditioning in 1902 was just the beginning for Willis Carrier, whose contributions to efficient industrial production and enhanced human comfort over the next 50 years were so comprehensive that he became known as “The Father of Air Conditioning.”

From there, the Carrier company has gone on to help keep homes across the world in the highest comfort with efficiency, reliability, and value. Over the years, Carrier has expanded its product line to encompass all areas of residential HVAC equipment and systems. Its products range from air conditioners to thermostats—and everything in between.

What Does Carrier Offer?

In the residential HVAC arena, Carrier offers the following outstanding products:

  • Heating and Coolingair conditioners, heat pumps, packaged products, geothermal heat pumps, ductless systems, gas and oil furnaces, evaporator and fan coils, boilers.
  • Indoor Air Quality—air purifiers (including UV), humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ventilators, carbon monoxide (CO) alarms.
  • Thermostats—Wi-Fi® and non Wi-Fi thermostats.
  • Featured Products—Infinity® System, Côr Wi-Fi Thermostat, indoor air quality, geothermal, ductless systems, MyInfinity™.
  • Innovation—Infinity® System, Greenspeed® Intelligence, Hybrid Heat® Technology, Ideal Humidity System®, Comfort Heat Technology®, Variable-Speed Technology.

As you can see, Carrier has something to fit every home’s needs.

What Makes Carrier So Innovative?

With Carrier’s long history of pushing the boundaries on HVAC products, technology and services, they still continue to look forward and generate new innovations. Being a leader in our industry, Carrier has a strong commitment to the green efforts across the world.

Back in 1993, Carrier ceased to manufacture CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) based chillers in the United States, two years before the deadline established by the US Clean Air Act and 16 years ahead of requirements for developing countries. Even though this pertains to their commercial products, they take the same approach with their residential products.

Carrier works hard to remain a leader in this area, offering a full line of hybrid products to help you get green in your home.

Looking for ways to improve on what they have already created and what the rest of the world does plays a key role in making Carrier so innovative.

We Are Your Carrier Experts

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